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feel free to post ideas and thoughts about the club

-the president
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why cant we fundraise?
Student Council must approve all fund raising, and since we don't yet have a mission statement, officers, and various other things, we can't even apply for fund raising yet.
its because the club was so late, we have to wait entill next fall to fund raise.
As the students at Eisenhower would say- "Thats so gay that we cant fundraise" Oh well... We will think of somthing..

All hail Marco.. king of the LGBT's...

ok so thinking from the political standpoint as far as bush is concerned anyway. remember when right after the cold war we had the red scare when everyone hated the communists cause they were "godless" and they even added that "one nation under god" to the pledge to show how we were "right". Well their useing religion as a tool in this war to. "The arabs are bad" "our god is better than your god" so Bush, even if he wanted to, couldnt possibly support gay marrige because it would undermine all hes done. because as weve all heard "homosexuals are sinfull and will burn in hell fire for all eternity ..." and the US as a whole doesnt really want to be the first nation to lead the "sinfull" movement it makes us seem like hypocrits. does that make sence to anyone?