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WELL children,
we accomplished alot this year, and next year will be pretty much 1000 times better ... right?

I am finally away from the hideousness of Eisenhower ...
But the dream of freedom and equality for all humans shall not die (like everything else eventually does). BECCA and ALISHA have taken over the HRC, and they will lead you all to victory.
They and the rest of the group have some amazing ideas.

Eisenhower and the world will be changed forever by their light.
DO NOT ever let yourselves be trampled by society or those that claim to be it! Never let an act of hate or violence get any of you down, and remember to bring justice to those acts. Use their own weapon of hate against them by bringing it to attention to the faculty and students, making school safer and more comfortable for ALL STUDENTS!

Sometimes things happen that will get you down enough that you feel there is no hope, But always remember what you all strive for, and that that passion can't die, no matter how badly scarred it can become. Let your hearts guide you in times of need. You are all together in this, so be there for eachother and dont be afraid anymore.

Fear can and has broken people's hopes and dreams, but with your time on this planet you must try to not let it destroy you. THIS IS OUR WORLD TOO and it IS worth fighting for.

Remember: ADVERTISE (let people know what HRC is about, so more people can join), ORGANIZE (stay focused on your goals and find out ways to make them happen), and WORK TOGETHER ( be supportive of eachother and make sure everyone can take part in group activities)

You most likely havent seen the last of me, so it will be nice to see you all again getting stuff out there all by your selves (snif snif). Have a great summer rest everyone, and stay safe!

- signing off as president of Human rights Group,
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